Communication is King (feat. Mae Reed)


November 15, 2016
"Communication is king."


Mae Reed is an interaction designer at Rackspace, part-time development instructor with Girl Code It and a pillar in the Austin design community. She has a talent for understanding the value of designing through open lines of communication due to her first-hand experiences with designing and developing and feels that both designers and developers should be working together from the onset of the project to consider affordances and constraints. Mae is also the Co-founder of the popular Austin design meetup, Fresh2Design, where she seeks to make connections with new designers and help them find their place in the Austin design community. In this episode, Anthony sits down with Mae Reed to talk about how the way communication can not only be the champion of success in a smaller agency but also create a pathway for designers, developers, and clients to accomplish enterprise goals, together.

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Anthony Armendariz

Mae Reed