From "This is a career?" to Product Designer in One Year (Thomas Ewart, Funsize)


January 21, 2020
"I love being able to be a glimpse of hope or give a firm direction [for new designers]" ... "Being able to meet these people who have gone through what you're going through is really hopeful so i love being able to be that."


Thomas Ewart is an Associate Product Designer at Funsize, where he works with startups and enterprise design teams to craft thoughtful digital experiences. With a non-traditional career path that spans accounting, tattoos and electronic music, Thomas brings a unique perspective to his work and enjoys helping others find their place in the design world.

On this episode, we disucss: 

  • Non-traditional paths to design
  • The decision to spend the money on General Assembly's design intensive
  • Year one as a product designer
  • Enterprise vs. startup design work
  • Collaboration
  • The three stages of design in an organization
  • Figma and the future of design tools