Happiness Is a State of Mind (with Marc Hemeon)


February 15, 2017
"How are you going to figure out how to truly be happy and be self-aware enough to change things in your life to be grateful and have gratitude?"


For over 20 years, Marc has been a designer. From working at startups like Designed by Humans, TeeFury to Co-Founding Flick where he worked to redesign Youtube in 2011 after being acquired by Google. When Marc was at Google, he was a very valuable asset and collaborator with teams across Google to design the Google X self-driving car project and Chromecast. After spending 4 years with Google Marc left and started North, then went on to become the CEO and Founder of Design, Inc.

A designer's work is a direct representation of how they think the world should look and feel and their work is a story of how they were raised, where they grew up, the music they listen to and every piece of who they are. Designers are passionate and emotional about what they do because of the type of person they. To a designer, design is more than just a business.

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