Our Journey Through 2020 (Anthony and Natalie Armendariz, Funsize)


January 13, 2021
"This pandemic has reminded people that we're all humans dealing with the same thing."


For the last episode recorded in 2020, we flip the spotlight onto our founders, Anthony and Natalie Armendariz, to walk us through the challenging, chaotic and — at times — exciting journey that was 2020. In a year that provided surprises and obstacles for just about every human being on the planet, we wanted to tell our agency's part of the story. We hope you enjoy. Featuring Tony Sanchez

We cover:

  • Our mindset going into 2020
  • Business and culture goals entering 2020
  • Q1 happenings at the beginning of the pandemic
  • Surprising new client relationships in 2020
  • How/why did Funsize actually grow in 2020?
  • Team perspectives during the pandemic
  • Expectations when starting Funsize at the beginning
  • The launch of Funsize Ventures and what it means
  • Work differences between designers and developers
  • What 2021 could bring