Paint the Fence (feat. Johnnie Hamn)


September 27, 2016
Johnnie Hamn spends some time in the studio talking about his Insights, thoughts, and visions about successful design teams and client collaboration and what those things mean to him and how being a dream chaser can inspire others.


If you know anything about Funsize, you know we love to collaborate and Johnnie Hamn is no different. Through his 16 years of hands-on design experience and believing strongly in cooperative and collaborative design; Johnnie comes to the table with his perspective on what it means to be a design leader and client advocate at Funsize. In this episode, Anthony and Johnnie sit down and talk about his role at Funsize and the idea of selfless leadership, going the extra mile to build trust with the client, what it means to transition a client into a design partner.Anthony and Johnnie have been friends for a very long time so they discuss a wide range of topics in this episode but one topic they focus on is how investing in relationships can elevate client services, and more often than not, make them profitable.

On this episode

Anthony Armendariz

Johnnie Hamn