People First: How Empathy Empowers Brand & Product (with Justin Dauer, bswift)


July 23, 2020
"I think brand and culture are absolutely synonymous with one another. When culture is toxic, I think that directly bleeds over to the brand and retention."


Note: We apologize for the audio quality. There was an issue with the microphone.

Justin Dauer is a multi-faceted, multi-pierced, multi-tattooed designer, author, and speaker. He wrote the book "Cultivating a Creative Culture", is the Vice President of Human-Centered Design and Development at bswift, the founder of The Dead Pixel Society, and a contributor to A List Apart. Justin had some really intuitive viewpoints on culture that were awesome to dig into and it was a pleasure having him on the show.

We cover:

  • Working in the healthcare system
  • Why he gravitates to roles that aren't tee'd up and ready to go
  • Creative culture and the golden rule
  • Creative Inspiration Wednesdays
  • How designers have an advantage in creating a good culture
  • Transitioning from getting fulfillment from design to getting fulfillment from others' evolution
  • Leading with action
  • The challenges of remote working