Personal Values and Their Effect on Leadership (Mike Trozzo, Tide University Laundry)


November 20, 2019
"How do I approach a team member who needs something in their personal life that will hold up an amount of work that the team is counting on? What is more important? To me, the personal life. In that moment, I can see: The human experience for that person is more important than our team goals."


Mike Trozzo is the EVP at Tide University Laundry, a service business disrupting the laundry-norm on campuses around the country. His career trajectory took him from dreams of being an astronaut and doctor, to studying finance in college, pursuing acting in LA and  eventually leading design and engineering teams in Waco, Texas.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Connecting the dots between design and P&L
  • Budgeting for design
  • Staffing projects
  • Design roles and responsibilities
  • Balancing the skillsets and goals of team members
  • The shifting need for generalists and specialists
  • Childhood career dreams vs. adult career reality
  • Personal and work values
  • How Funsize's values emerged