Purpose Over Paycheck: The Emotional Operations of an Ad Agency (Guigo Sanchez, THIRD EAR)


February 11, 2020
"The process is the most beautiful part of it. The finished product is what dies ... But your experience with your team was still a beautiful thing."


Guigo Sanchez is the Creative Director at THIRD EAR — previously known as LatinWorks — an agency that specializes in creating advertising for the U.S. Hispanic audience. Born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, he is the husband of Mari Chamoun (Managing Director at Funsize), and father to Julia Elena Sánchez Chamoun. After completing his psychology degree in Puerto Rico, Guigo moved to Austin to study advertising and decided to stay forever (for now). He enjoys dad life, music, computers, food and personal finance.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How studying psychology affects advertising
  • Speaking to different audiences and cultures in advertising
  • The top skills needed for creative directing
  • Imagination as a skill
  • Hispanic marketing and advertising
  • Maintaining belief in the value of creativity
  • The temporary nature of advertising and design
  • What does "partner" mean in the advertising world
  • Commitment in professional relationships
  • The emotional operations of an organization