Ships or It Didn’t Happen (feat. Bradee Evans & Seth Shaw from Photoshop)


March 27, 2015
Cool design work on Dribbble or Behance that was unsolicited or never saw the light of day... Is it really respectable design? Is it praiseworthy? We discuss with Bradee Evans and Seth Shaw, product designers at photoshop.


It's SXSW '15 and we had the awesome opportunity to hang out with Photoshop product designers before our epic high-five hour party. Anthony and Danielle set out to tackle a controversial topic.

The dilemma is that there is a lot of great-looking design on the web at sites like Behance and Dribbble and also in a great many designers portfolios. Sometimes you see something that looks incredible aesthetically on the screen but then you find out that it was either unsolicited by the “client” (example: how many times have see someone redesign Instagram on Behance?) or that carries the footnote something like “rejected concept.” It might look amazing, but why didn’t it ship?

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Anthony Armendariz

Bradee Evans

Seth Shaw

Rick Messer