So You Want to be a Manager (with Jen Dary)


February 12, 2019
“You wouldn’t design a product without talking to any of the users. Why design a company without talking to the employees? A big win for leaders is not always holding the talking stick, and the experience of being a student of something.”


Jen Dary is the founder of Plucky, a company that specializes in creating healthy dynamics at work through coaching, consulting, workshops, and education. On this episode of the Hustle she chats with Anthony about how to know if management is right for you, what challenges new and established leaders face every day, and strategies to help along the way.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What questions to ask before accepting a management role
  • The most common challenges facing both high-level and new leaders
  • Understanding how management might fit in your career path
  • How to create and communicate vision to your team
  • Dealing with creator grief: not making things anymore
  • The role of trust in management relationships
  • How to gauge and improve employee experience
  • Giving yourself permission to experiment, learn, and find new tools