Strengthen Your Team by Focusing on the Individual (Braden Kowitz, Range)


September 14, 2020
"We're working at objectives from the other direction: How do we make a really great experience for individuals and then eventually build up to something that works for the whole organization?"


Braden Kowitz is a co-author of Sprint and a former design partner at Google Ventures, where he had the opportunity to work with startups like ClassPass, Gusto, Slack, Medium, Flatiron Health, TuneIn, BlueBottle Coffee, 23andMe, One Medical Group, HubSpot, RetailMeNot, Nest and more.  He is the co-author of NY Times Best Seller, Sprint , and the co-founder of Range , a tool that keeps teams connected and productive. We're extremely grateful to Braden for sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with us. Get your notepads out for this one!

We cover:

  • Some of the differences in Google design from when he entered and left
  • How he got into Google Ventures and why
  • His experience watching the explosion of the Design Sprint
  • What Range does and who it serves
  • The agency challenge of working with multiple cultures
  • Working the way clients want to work during COVID-19
  • Testing and validating new work methodologies
  • Vulnerability and connection for teams
  • The challenge of jumping responsibilities as a business owner
  • Personal manuals
  • More!