The Different Flavors of Design Management (Brian Peterson, Affirm)


January 14, 2022
"As a design manager, I look for messy areas that allow for a lot of ripe opportunities for me to experiment and change things. A company with a good mess means that the landscape is there for people to try things and change bits."


Brian Peterson is a a multidisciplinary cosmic creator surfing through the skies supporting, connecting, and empowering organizations through strategic design. Brian’s background is in fine arts with a brief stint in animation/illustration. He later turned to design through freelance visual design, to a founding team startup, to the design studio at Funsize, and now, supporting/leading/growing design teams at Affirm, which brings honest financial products to the world.

Brian is a strong believer in collaboration and he sees design as a vehicle for connecting people and transforming organizations. When not thinking about design management, operations, methodologies, etc., Brian likes to build worlds through drawing.

In this episode we cover:

  • Design management
  • Individual contributors
  • Growth
  • Management
  • Design operations
  • Leveling up
  • And more!