The SXSW Special: 4 Questions For Designers


March 18, 2016
We asked a bunch of designers and builders the same 4 questions at our SXSW party.


What do you love about being a designer?
How does geography affect your career?
What do you want to be doing in 5 years?
What's your least-favorite design trend?

Mae Reed - Freelance @maebees
Mike Townson - Project 202 @miketownson
Mike Blakesley - Project 202 @mikeblakesley
Joshua Bullock - vauto @blisster138
Dan Benjamin - 5by5 @danbenjamin
Haddie Cooke - 5by5 @haddiebird
Chris Meeks - Hatbox @chrismeeks
Clark Wimberly - Invision @clarklab
Brian Peterson - Daily Fantasy Sports @ironcobratv
Ryan Weaver - Creative Market @ryantheweave
Danh Hoang - Adonit @danhhoang
Nick Robalik - Creative Director @nickrobalik
Jonathan Howell - Microsoft @ItsJonHowell
Steven Ray - Dialexa @stevenray
Ethan Leon - Thoughtbot @ethangl
Amanda Donaldson - Spreadfast @AMDesignlovin
Carlos Arellano - vauto @carlosarellano
Bryan Smith - vauto
Riley Spiller - Atlassian @RileySpiller
Jonathan Haver - Rocksauce @jhTHUNDERmaker
Jim Jordan - Funsize @JimJJordan
Rachael LaCoss - Media General @RachelLaCoss
Anthony Sanchez - Freelance
Bryan Butler - Freelance @whatbryan