Unlocking Design for a New Generation (Theo Strauss, Stanford)


May 28, 2020
"That idea that anyone can have creative confidence, that anyone can think like a designer. That's really the democratization of [design]."


Note: We recorded this one before COVID began, so some references (like to our SXSW party) did not come to fruition.

Theo Strauss is an 18-year-old product designer out of NYC who's already making waves in the community through his involvement with companies like Apple, Postmates, and Figma. As someone on the bleeding edge of a new generation of designers, we loved having him on the show to share some of his thoughts on where the industry is heading and how young people are getting involved.

We cover:

  • Creating an entire portfolio in Figma
  • Growing up in New York City
  • Childhood career dreams
  • The evolution of design tools
  • Going to college vs. entering the workforce
  • The ambiguity of "designer"
  • The democratization of design
  • Cold emails
  • Personal networks
  • Much more